Located in the business section of western Amman, Jordan, Baldawi group for general trading & construction  has established its name and its impeccable reputation through high standards of ethical and professional commitments to our client.

Our many years of experience have given us the old fashion way: by word of a mouth. Baldawi group focus on importing to Iraq & the Middle East: Medical Equipment, medical supplies & consumables, mobile clinics, armored vehicles, construction materials, forensics criminal labs, hospital supplies, industrial equipment, auto parts, scientific instrumentation, and much more.

We go the extra to ensure our clients' satisfaction. With our objective aimed toward re-building Iraq, our diversified team of talented professionals ensures the job is done right and on time.

Our offices and partners are located in many global strategic locations such as : Jordan , Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia , USA, and Mexico. Our company serves both the private and the public sectors: Ministry of Health, Ministry of interior, Ministry of Defense, ministry of trade, Universities, Pharmacies, and many private companies.

By providing our clients the best possible quality products at the right cost, and on –time; only then do we declare "Mission Accomplished".


A proficient team of hospital planners, architects, engineering experts lead the design process to achieve efficient and optimized plan of the medical facility. We have expertise in master planning, balancing the current needs with demands of an unknown future. A keen understanding of equipment, manpower requirement, protocols and processes involved in running a hospital along with the costs involved and changed environment and climate, permit us to focus on maximization of resource and energy conservation without compromising on functionality. We undertake the co-ordination of all the building services like architecture, structure, electrical, plumbing, firefighting, interior design and external development.
Project Management
With seasoned professionals having experience in project management, we shall be able to handle techno-commercial aspect of management strategic decisions, contract management, and tendering procurement. We ensure streamlining of systems for optimization of resource and enhance effectiveness of execution process to meet the goals with cost, time and quality. As successful project managers, we foster co-operation between disciplines which are more focused on their core expertise.
Medical Equipment Planning
ARCHI MEDES utilizes a single source multidisciplinary team of professional specialists who have the depth of experience necessary to meet the medical equipment planning requirements of each project. From a management standpoint, this provides for standardization, accountability and the common integration of data through a central point.
We offer impartial product recommendations and, as a result, are more responsive to your needs. Our consulting and design work saves you money by providing technology assessment studies; specialty planning; expert knowledge

of current and emerging technology; equipment programming, budgeting and prioritization.

Designing and constructing healthcare environments requires more than list of hospital construction management and building processes. It requires on-the-ground experience that comes from years of bringing healthcare construction projects to reality.
Relationships built among the design and building teams and hospital staffs are critical. An outside-the-box approach to ensure the safety of not just ARCHI MEDES employees and partners, but each and everyone who comes in contact with the project site, is a must. Close coordination with hospital staff ensures the free flow of operations without being hindered by construction is a necessity.
Taking into account these factors and more before ground is even broken is what had positioned ARCHI MEDES one of the top hospital construction companies.
ARCHI MEDES also offers experience in a wide variety of project delivery formats customized to your needs. We understand there is no one perfect way to construct a hospital or provide

Renovations in existing facilities. We're not locked into a specific building technique or delivery method. Thorough our ability to self- perform, we are able to provide a wide range of construction services from general contracting, and design integrated project delivery. The flexibility you need out of a hospital construction company is exactly what you get.


200 Bed Al-Kafeel specialized hospital holy ATTABA ABBASIAH at karbala, Iraq ….
Al-kafeel hospital at karbala is a 200 bed multi-specialty hospital, managed by the board from holy Attaba Abbasiah, Karbala. This hospital is planned in an area of 25,000sqm. And spanning across five floors. This hospital is well equipped with state of the art diagnostic facility both high end and low and low end well connected to the OPD in the ground floor. The facility had an impressive entrance lobby leading to the central atrium which is well lit with natural light and gives the patient and attendant a pleasant experience.
The shape of the hospital has been evolved based on the site profile and as design; we were successful segregating inpatient facility with treatment facility with treatment facility. Operation theatre complex has been planned in one wing in second and third floor with ICU and daycare beds in the first floor. This enables the hospital management to segregate the public movement from controlled treatment areas.
The entire hospital shall be centrally air conditioned and equipped with other building services like fire detection and protection, nurse call system, PA system
surveillance. Hospital is self sufficient with its own laundry, CSSD and kitchen and centralized medical system.

135 Bed Al-kafeel specialty hospitals – holy Attaba Abbasiah at Babylon, Iraq….
This is a 135 bed multi-specialty hospital with focus on orthopedics, emergency and pain clinic among others. It is planned with state of art diagnostics & treatment facilities to enable a better treatment by the hospital staff to the patients.

The Building:
hospital is designed in a TWO Blocks-
1.Main Hospital Block
2.service block
The main Hospital Block has 3 floors and one lower ground with an area of 23<969.09 Sq.M and total height of 19M.
The main block has emergency department, diagnostic department and the outpatient department, in-patient rooms, operation theatres and in intensive care beds.
The Emergency Entrance is right in the front facing the highway towards the EAST and well highlighted. The main entrance is from the north side of the plot from the branch road. The main entrance of the hospital is a very spacious LOBBY which leads into the lively grand ATRIUM with seating, café, children play areas, flouriest, gift shop etc..,

350 Bed multi-specialty tertiary care hospital, Colombo, Sirilanka….
Apollo hospitals, colombom are Apollo's first multi-specialty tertiary-care hospital outside India. With the objective of bringing international quality healthcare to the people of Sri Lanka and this part of south-east Asia, the hospital provides over 50 medical specialties.
Designed to accommodate 350 beds within a total built-up area of 310,000 sqft spread over 11 floors, the hospital is equipped with the latest high-end radiology and imaging facilities, 10 (ten) operating theaters, 10 (ten) dialysis units, 72 intensive care beds, a modern ER & Trauma unit, 15 (fifteen) super-Deluxe suites and other in-patient facilities. A roof-top helipad has been provided to enable air ambulance service. The original architectural design of the hospital , as proposed by SPM Architects, san Francisco (now SMITHGROUP), was identical to that of

Apollo Hospital Ahmed Abad, However, as was the case in Ahmedabad, the building had to be re-designed by AHEL's in-house design team, based on Vaastu principles. Construction commenced at the site in December, 2000. The hospital was inaugurated in June, 2002. At the time of commissioning, the total project cost stood at US 30.00 million$.

ON 30th march, 2005, the prime minister of Bangladesh declared open this ultra-modern multi-specialty tertiary-care facility to the people of Bangladesh. Promoted by STS holdings limited and managed by Apollo hospitals enterprise limited, the project is aimed at arresting the high outflow of patient to other countries for specialized medical treatment. Designed to accommodate 333beds which is expandable to 500 beds, the total built-up area of the facility is about 400,000.00 sqft. Constructed on a 4.0 acre plot of land, the architecture of the building reflects the high-tech medical facilities offered by the hospital. A 1.5 Tesla MRI, 64-slice CT-Scanner, gaqmma camera, fluoroscope, fiberscope endoscopy, cath-lab, 2(two) cardiac OT's, 5 OT's assigned for general surgery, neuro-surgery and ortho-surgery, well-equipped laboratories, a full-fledged blood bank, a state-of-the-art physiotherapy department, 90 intensive care beds, 42-hour ER & Trauma department , a modern birthing center, an exclusive master health check OPD, a platinum lounge, a roof-top helipad to facilitate Emergency Air ambulance service, and many other first-time medical facilities in Bangladesh. The out-patient system is planned based on successful American models.
The hospital information system has been designed to make this the first paper-less hospital system in Bangladesh. Based on schematic architectural designs drawn up by SMITHGROUP, San Francisco (USA), detailed architectural services, including all hospital engineering services, were provided by ARCHI MEDES India consultants Pvt.Ltd. New Delhi.
At the close of the project, the total project cost stood at US $35.00 Million approx.

Jigme Dorji Wangchuk national referral hospital is the largest healthcare facility in the whole of Bhutan. It is the only national referral hospital in the country.

However, the quality of Medical facilities in the existing set-up are far below optimal standards of healthcare. The process to upgrade and modernize the hospital was initiated way back in the early 90's.As a first step. The government set up the filter clinic adjacent to the existing hospital building. In 1998, AHEL's design team was appointed by the ministry of health, royal government of Bhutan (RGOB), to develop a master plan proposal for the modernization and re-vitalization of the hospital complex. Various development options were examined and presented to the RGOB. The selected option addressed the need to retain the existing hospital building even as the new hospital building is being constructed. The master plan also addressed the need to upgrade this facility into national level teaching hospital.

Construction work at the site commenced February, 2005. When commissioned, the new 400-bed multi-specialty tertiary-care JDWNR hospital covering a total built-up area of 310,000.00 sqft will be the only hospital in Bhutan equipped with the most modern MRI, Linear accelerator, CT-Scanner, Gamma Camera, Fluoroscope and other high-end diagnostic and treatment tools.

RGOB norms require that all buildings reflect the vernacular architectural style of the region. Extensive design consultations were carried out with the traditional Architect of RGOB to ensure that all necessary traditional architectural features were incorporated into the design of the hospital.

The total project cost is estimated at INR 38 cores. The project is being funded on grant provided by the government of India. Project completion is scheduled for December 2008.


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