Currently Baldawi Group for general trading and constructions is building (Al-Kafeel) hospitals in Babel and Karbala , this project includes constructing two hospitals in the previous allocation with a very global standard and consider to be the most unique one in Iraq according to other hospitals , either in the design side or in the quality & diversity of the medical equipment and stuff that will be serving those hospitals.

The nature of Al-kafeel hospitals is governmental ,because our group was going through an Government tender and we gain the honor of building these projects, because of our highly standards that will be following in this project and our excellent consultants partner in planning and designing the construction wish is Archimedes.
Because of our highly reputation in the market, we always try to accomplish our project with companies which they have the same, our aim always is to make the job done on plan without no delay and with the specific standards that had been agreed for. So that’s why we chooses (Archimedes) to be our partner in making the feasibility studies for building the hospitals along the patient proofing, in additions Archimedes is providing us with the architectural design & turnkey consultancy for the hospitals constructions. To be more specifics Archimedes is doing or it had already made.

Archimedes strength is planning & intelligent designs, for this they will make new designs for us in the both locations, based on a comprehensive feasibility study & patient profiles. As compared to other designs, this will reduce operational cost of running the hospital and ensure better working efficiency.

• Identifications of all suppliers, floating global tenders & getting offers (up to installation of equipment) from suppliers.
• Giving full technical support to engineers from Baldawi Company, and trading them in India.
• Identifications of all machinery &equipment suppliers, floating global tenders & getting offers from suppliers.
• Preparation of maintenance & operations manuals for running the hospital.

We had previously signed for a project contract related to our hospitals; this project is based on building a nurse accommodation beside our hospital in Karbala.

Al-Kafeel Specialized At Karbala

Al-Kafeel hospital at Karbola is a 200 Bed Multi-specialty hospital, managed by the board from Holy Attaba Abbasiah, Karbola. This hospital in an area of 25,000 sqm. And spanning across five floors. This hospital is well qualified with state of the art Diagnostic facility both high end and low end well connected to the OPD in the ground floor. The facility had an impressive entrance lobby leading to the central atrium which is well lit with natural light and gives the patient and attendant a pleasant experience.

The shape of the hospital has been evolved based on the site profile and as design, Archimedes we successful in segregating inpatient facility with treatment facility. Operation theater complex has been planned in one wing in second and third floor with ICE and daycare beds in the first floor. This enables hospital management to segregate the public movement from controlled treatment areas.

The entire hospital shall be centrally air conditioned and equipped with other building services like fire detection and protection, nurse call system. PA system sufficient with its own laundry, CSSD and kitchen and centralized medical system.

On 6-10-2015 we are pleased to announce that we already handed over this projects to the end user, and proudly chosen in the ARAB HEALTH 2014 ‘’ THE BEST HOSPITAL OF THE FUTURE AWARD’’.


















Al-Kafeel Hospital, Babylon
This is a 135 bed multi-specialty hospital with focus in Orthopedics, Emergency and pain clinic among others. It is planned with state of art diagnostics & Treatment facilities to enable a better treatment by the hospital Staff to the patients.

Hospital is designed in as Two Blocks:

• Main Hospital Block
• Service Block

The main Hospital block has 3 floors and one lower ground with an area of 23,969.09 Sq.M and total height of 19M. In addition the man block has emergency department, diagnostic and the outpatient department, in-patient rooms, Operation theaters and intensive care beds.




  Cultural center, schools and services of the holy Abbasid threshold

Overview of the project
  1. The project consists of a cultural center, five schools and two kindergartens, each with two gymnasiums
  2. The holy site of Karbala - Alhur road
  3. The area of the site is 45332 thousand square meters
  4. Concrete building consisting of single foundations, barbed, columns, roofs and concrete bridges equipped with all infrastructure from electrical works and mechanical works and fully equipped






















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